Xiaolin Showdown OCs by R2ninjaturtle

Celia: Jack's Girlfriend & Arielle: Jack's Assistant

Xiaolin showdown hedgies by linkgirl11

Xiaolin Showdown Hedgies

For Bleedman Xiaolin Warriors by yesse the hedgehog

Xiaolin Showdown (Xiao) Dubbed

Xiaolin Showdown Animation by Xcene

Scroll to the Shen-Gong-Wu

Wudai Orion Formation by InvaderZel

Wudai Formation

Xiaolin ShowDown Cards by shongcredible

Xiaolin Showdown: UnleashedEdit

This is a remake and the continuation of the Xiaolin Showdown.

Xiaolin Showdown AnimeEdit

Season 1Edit

Episode 1: Prologue: The Prophicy of Xiaolin has been reborn!

Episode 2: The Mystical Shen-Gong Wu: It's Jack Spicer!

Episode 3: Xiaolin Showdown!

Episode 4:

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