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The Beast WithinEdit

Fourteen teens have been selected to go to season two to win 1,000,000 dollars. The contestants are Owen, Noah, Duncan, Cody, Ezekiel, DJ, Justin, Izzy, Gwen, Heather, Lindsay, Beth, Bridgette, and Katie. The teams were The Killer Gaffers and Screaming Grips. On the Gaffers was Owen, Noah, Duncan, DJ, Lindsay, Heather, and Gwen. On the Grips was Justin, Ezekiel, Cody, Katie, Izzy, Beth, and Bridgette. The challenge was the last person from either team to survive wins but Izzy got out first. Then DJ. In the Confessionals DJ stated that this season is going to be more scarier than season one. Owen, Noah and Duncan hid with each other until Owen was captured. Noah yelled to bring Owen down but Duncan told Noah to just leave and run. Bridgette was sobbing over Geoff not being in season two but she tried running but quickly got caught with Justin. That's when she thought that was it and kissed Justin in the lips but they went to a bounce house.

Noah, Chris and Izzy watch Ezekiel get captured by the monster.

In the Confessionals Justin said he could use the girls on his team to his advantage. Gwen and Heather kept fighting while Ezekiel and Cody were with them they both told them to shut up. Then Gwen and Heather got mad but Heather and Ezekiel got captured. Gwen screamed and Cody jumped in her arms. Lindsay crashed into Beth and they talked nonstop until those two got caught along with Gwen, Noah and Duncan. Making Cody the winner. Then Noah comes out of nowhere saying it was his whole team's fault but his own. At the Guilded Chris Ceremony the Gaffers voted and the Gulded Chris' went to Lindsay, Gwen, DJ, Heather, Owen and finally Duncan. Leaving Noah for the walk of shame. He went stomping and vowing to get revenge on his team (or at least some of them).

Second HeadingEdit

Season two, Episode 1

Episode Guide


"The Last episode Srysly?"

next "Fartagus "

Date Played August 4, 2010
Challenge Dodge the giant robotic monster
Winner(s) Screaming Gaffers
Eliminated Noah

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