Duncan audition

The Amazing race around camp RighteousnessEdit

Owen wakes up and finds Duncan's wristband on the floor, he gets tempted to eat it until DJ told him to stop in a polite way which Owen smiled at. Duncan woke up and greeted the two guys. Izzy comes in the cabin and says that she is glad that they all made it to the final four. She also said that she would want to be in the final four with the people that are left. Chef comes in and says that Owen and Duncan are partners and DJ and Izzy are partners. The challenge was to get back to camp by doing a race. They had to race around camp. First to Chef won. Chef said go and they left. Duncan told Owen to keep up but Owen fell to the ground. Izzy then said "try to ketch up if you can guys". Duncan then told Izzy that if they make it to the final three, then who would you want to get out? Izzy and DJ both said they couldn't decide. Owen then got up and smelt the smell of pastry. He smiled and then grabbed Duncan and ran up the mountain to where he got terrified and Izzy gloated and went with DJ to walking. Owen said he wasn't doing daredevil skydives anymore. So Duncan pushed him in the water and they both get on a raft and start paddling there. The two wave at DJ and Izzy. In the Confessionals, DJ said that what Owen and Duncan did was impressive. Once Owen and Duncan are about to get to camp Owen turns and grabs Chef's pastries and eats them. Then Chef said that Izzy and DJ won. DJ and said that he was happy that him and Izzy are safe, but sad that either Duncan or Owen is going home. At the Bonfire Ceremony Chef gave the marshmellows to DJ and Izzy. Then he looks and smiles at Owen and Duncan devilishly and gives the final marshmellow to Duncan. At the Dock of Shame Izzy kissed Owen, DJ hugged him and said good-bye and Duncan made fun of Owen to which DJ and Izzy frowns at but DJ is happy when Duncan said that he'll miss Owen. Then Owen high-fives Duncan and leaves.

Second HeadingEdit

Season 1, Episode 24

Episode Guide
"Extreme Skateboarding"
"Sour Suckers"

Date Played June 27, 2010
Challenge Race to Chef Hatchet
Winner(s) DJ & Izzy
Eliminated Owen

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