The Aftermath: IIEdit

Geoff opens the show by stating that the recent contestants voted off were Katie, Izzy, and Gwen. DJ makes a comment about how he feels bad for them but then Harold intervenes by saying that they lost because they weren't good in the challenge. Geoff welcomes Katie to the show and first asks her if she liked it. Katie surprisingly said her time was fun and she enjoyed it.

She liked her team and everything. Geoff then asked her if she made any new enemies. She said that she recently became enemies with Duncan, and possibly Cody too. However, she said that Cody is kind of cute. He then showed a clip of Katie getting hurt. Katie then glares at Geoff as Katie smacks him in the face. Tyler and Trent then high-five each other because they thought that was cool. Sadie wanted to talk but couldn't. Katie also said that with Courtney back on their team, they are gonna have more trouble then they can handle. Geoff then mocks her as she sits next to Sadie and DJ.

DJ smiles at her as she looks at Sadie. Geoff then brought out Gwen and asked her how her time was. Gwen said her time sucked especially with Heather on her team. Heather then glares at her out of anger. However, Gwen said she really enjoyed Duncan, Cody, Bridgette, Beth, Owen, DJ, and Lindsay's company. Geoff then made a fake smile and told Gwen that Heather was right when she said that you would be getting out soon. Gwen then said that is was all Izzy's fault but put no blame on Izzy when she saw Owen frown out of sadness. Gwen they said that she wishes Duncan, Lindsay and Cody luck.

Tyler gave her a woo hoo but everybody even Trent eyed him and Harold told him to be quiet. Tyler gulps and then sulks his head down out of shame. Gwen was eager to tell Geoff off but Geoff said that he needed Izzy to go because they were gonna do something. But all Izzy said was that she is glad to be with Owen again. Owen smiles and makes out with her. Geoff then asked Tyler, Trent, Harold, Gwen, Eva, Lewshana, Heather, and Owen to ask who do they want gone next. As Tyler, Trent and Owen all agreed on Courtney going. Harold said that Noah should go next then Duncan. Heather, Lewshana and Gwen said that either Ezekiel, or Noah or Justin should go. Eva didn't say anything but agreed when Gwen said that Justin should go. Afterwards, Geoff closes the show but Izzy runs into the camera and it shuts off.

Second HeadingEdit

Writer's Shock
Season 4, Episode 15
Date Played May 14, 2011
Challenge Criminal Challenge
Winner(s) Killer Hooks
Eliminated Nobody
Episode Guide
"Heavy Metal Drama"
"Ocean's 12"

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