Sour SuckersEdit

The final three are going in and out the confessional to discuss the season. DJ starts by saying that he loved making all the friedns he has know but said he was terrified of the challenges. Izzy was extremely jolly and happy and said that she is glad she made it this far and had a fun experience. She also went on about how much she misses Owen. Then Duncan says that he had a sucky time there but enjoyed people like Courtney, DJ, Owen, and Gwen. Izzy then said that she'd be lucky if she won. But she swore to make it to the finals. Duncan said that there was some really close calls when he was almost sure to be eliminated. DJ then wondered what kind of torture they're gonna go through this time. Chris tells the finalist that they are looking for 2 pieces of candy that means that you have a ticket into the final 2. Immediately the three went searching as Chris and Chef Hatchet was chilling out just waiting. Izzy and Duncan had to tell each other something but they were getting interrupted by DJ because he thought he wouldn't make it. Then Izzy told DJ to man up and he went to look for the place where it was. Duncan is annoyed that this is the final challenge but Izzy is excited and can't controll herself. She then kisses Duncan out of excitement and Duncan questions if she's okay.

Meanwhile with DJ he found where the place was and was heading towards it until Chris activated the pie and death switch. DJ got defeated by the pies and headed back to the camp grounds. Duncan asked DJ what happened and DJ took them to the place where Chris was on the other side saying that if they get hit by a pie then they have to start over. He opened the door to the sour suckers and said go. Before they go Duncan and Izzy said good luck and they kiss out of awkwardness. Then the three race as Duncan gets a huge lead and says that DJ and Izzy are losers (though he probably only said that due to him being that type of person). Then the pies start to go and Duncan repeaditly gets hit byt them until they all are a few feet from it, to where they jump and Izzy and DJ get one. Leaving Duncan out and him saying no for a long time. At the Boat of Losers Izzy hugged him saying he was a good competitor and DJ hugged and fist bumbed him saying he was one of his best pals. Duncan leaves happily but says on the boat that he's gald to leave the island.

Second HeadingEdit

Season 1, Episode 25

Episode Guide
"The Amazing Race around Camp Righteousness"
"Season one Recap"

Date Played July 6, 2010
Challenge Find 2 pieces of candy
Winner(s) DJ & Izzy
Eliminated Duncan

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