Bridgette-Duncan ConflictEdit

800px-TDI Duncan and Bridgette

Duncan and Bridgette in the bottom two in Extreme Skateboarding


This article is about the conflict Duncan and Bridgette has over the course of the series. They seem to grow more of a friendship in season three but are generally enemies.

Episodes ForEdit

Extreme Laser Tag Edit

Duncan mocks the girls and tease them by saying they couldn't beat the guys. Bridgette in defense says that at least she is more likely to stay in the game.

One's a CrowdEdit

Bridgette tries to get a bunch of people to voted Duncan off but gets no progress.

Trusting a SnakeEdit

Bridgette first glares at Duncan while Duncan makes fun of Lindsay. However, Bridgette compliments Duncan on being nice for once.

Extreme SkateboardingEdit

Bridgette and Duncan admitted to everyone left that they would like to vote each other off.

The Amazing Race Around Camp RighteousnessEdit

Duncan tells Owen how much he is glad that Bridgette is gone so that he will be less scolded for things he doesn't do. Also he's happy she's gone because now there's nobody to try to get rid of him.

Episodes AgainstEdit

Trusting a SnakeEdit

Bridgette compliments Duncan for being nice for once.

Extreme SkateboardingEdit

Duncan wishes farewell to Bridgette in a serious kind of tone.

Back to the BeachyardEdit

Duncan and Bridgette smile at each other when they find out the first challenge is a surfing challenge.


  • Both like Courtney, Beth, Geoff, DJ, Owen, Cody, Gwen, Izzy, and hate Heather, Chris, ad Chef.
  • Both have two friends they hang out with the most; Bridgette is with Gwen and Lewshana while Duncan's with DJ and Geoff (Owen sometimes).
  • So far both has been on a team competing against Justin, Lindsay, Cody, Owen, Ezekiel, Heather, Izzy, and Katie.

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