Season One Recap

Season One RecapEdit

Chris said that this wasn't an ordinary episode. He said that this episode he will reveal some secret, go through the elimination order, and some hidden confessionals. He first revealed the confessionals that Gwen said in episode 5 that she wanted to be on Trent and Duncan's team without Duncan-Trent Conflict. Also she said before she left the island that she valued Duncan, Owen, Lindsay, Bridgette, Lewshana, and Cody the most. She also said that she wanted the final five to be DJ, Owen, Bridgette, Lewshana, and her. Though she admitted that if she could've chose more she would've had Trent, Cody and Duncan in. Justin questioned why did he lose and then figured out that he just didn't try hard enough. He also said that either DJ, Owen or Lindsay should've won. Trent wondered why Duncan made it to the top three and said that Heather is a jerk. He also kissed Gwen for the first time in the confessional. Tyler & Harold both said they were glad to be a the luxurious resort and felt bad about some of the people losing like Izzy , Lindsay, Gwen, Lewshana, Trent, and each other. Courtney said that it was totally unfair how she got out even though it was fair and square. Duncan said that there were some really hot girls such as Courtney, Gwen, Heather, Lindsay, and Izzy.
Though he made a goal to kiss them all at least once. Ironically he kissed two of five of them. Chef even said that he hated almost everybody. However, he said both Chris and Owen were okay. Chris revealed that some secrets were that Katie grew a hate relationship for Duncan, Lewshana grew to like Heather, and Courtney dreamt of kissing Trent, Justin, and Cody. Owen wanted to dance and eat at the same time all his life and Izzy wanted to destroy the RCMP. Duncan ran from home to come to this show and is willing to stop at nothing to win justin like Eva, Courtney, Heather and many others. The last secret was that everyone except Chef and Chris and Owen hated Total drama Horror. The elimination was the lowest ranking contestant on the show and her team, Sadie, followed by Geoff, then Izzy, Katie, Trent, Tyler, Noah , Gwen, Cody, Lewshana, Harold, Justin, Heather, Beth, Tyler, Courtney, Lindsay, Eva, Ezekiel, Bridgette, Owen, and Duncan. Izzy and DJ are the last two left. The Final seven were Eva, Ezekiel, Bridgette, Owen, Duncan, Izzy, and DJ. The top 4 highest rankers are DJ, Duncan, Izzy and Owen.

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