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Reverse ActEdit

Gwen and Lindsay awakens only to greet each other that Heather is gone. But Lindsay got curious about what Heather said. In the Confessional Gwen reveals that she doesn't know if she'll stay much longer. Duncan then greets DJ greets him back. Bridgette asks Izzy and Cody who were they going to take out. Cody went against voting Ezekiel because he helped him get Beth's friendship back. Bridgette and Izzy agreed and they pinned things down on either Katie, Justin or Beth. Beth was out and Justin was too pretty for Bridgette to say no. Katie then walks in but only talks to Cody because she tells him that Beth wants to talk to him. On the first part of the challenge, the teams must decide who will act in a small play. Izzy volunteered herself along with Justin. While DJ and Duncan stood back. Lindsay told the Gaffers she'd do it and Gwen convinced Duncan to do it as well.

Duncan gets disgusted by the idea but eventually agrees. Chris said that teams had to make Chef cry. Bridgette, Cody, and Beth all went to sleep because they were tired from carrying the trailer up the hill. While Duncan and Lindsay were acting, DJ was telling Gwen how he didn't know who he was going to vote off next. Gwen said he couldn't decide either. When Chris said it was time for the kissing scene Justin and Duncan freaked out. Izzy then grabs Justin and starts kissing him everywhere. In the Confessional Izzy states that Justin is hot. In the Confessional Lindsay says to imagine Duncan as Tyler. Lindsay starts to beg Duncan to do the line but he refused and he simpily just yells Lindsay out. Lindsay cries but then DJ told Duncan that that could hurt his chances of staying in the game. Duncan quickly apologized to Lindsay and they kissed passionately like they're kissing Tyler and Courtney. Chef then cries of excitement and the Killer Gaffers won the challenge. The Grips sulk but Ezekiel awakens with Katie and they both chat to each other while they carry Bridgette to the trailer.

Justin then leaves spitting out Izzy's germs and was releaved Izzy never kissed him in the lips. Izzy then says that she is never really into Justin. Beth and Cody wake up only to find out that they accidentally kissed. They both blush and Beth tells Cody that if he really wanted to be with her then she'd have to break up with Harold which she didn't want to do. Then Cody said that he'd tell Harold. As Gwen and Duncan leaves, DJ asked Lindsay on how was the kiss and she reacted by saying she loved it.

Second HeadingEdit

Season 2, Episode 4

Date Played September 8, 2010
Challenge Make Chef cry by acting
Winner(s) Killer Gaffers
Eliminated Nobody

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