Ocean's 12Edit

The remaining campers are at their tables and Chris' interns take away Ezekiel and Lindsay. Both teams are shocked and wonder what will happen. Chris then comes and says that as the first part they have to rescue their teammate, then get the money and then race to the finish line. However today was an award challenge. The teams then split. Noah and Duncan then go on trying to find a plan to no prevail. They then discover something and trick Chef into giving the combo. Noah then gives Chef a sticky bun. On the other team they could find nothing but they use the sent of Home and take Ezekiel's hat. Cody gets hit when Ezekiel brakes the door. Ezekiel thne turns back to normal and wonders what happened.

The team then takes Ezekiel and books it to the convention. Meanwhile, the other team, Duncan and Noah both are in deep trouble when they find themselves outmatched by players. Lindsay then thinks of an idea to ask the other team to vote one of themselves off and Duncan and Noah starts laughing. Lindsay gets mad and breaks out the safe. She then runs out to find the gold. The Killer Gaffers finds the gold first and Duncan questions why by stating that they had a huge disadvantage. Chef gives him his prizes and the Gaffers goes outside. Chris tells him how to work everything and they get building. Courtney hatches a plan that if they were to lose, then they should vote Ezekiel off. Ezekiel then gets mad and demands to vote Courtney off. They both then gets into a fight and recieves their next reward. They then go outside. Chris tells them what they had to do as the other team started racing. As Courtney is building, Justin is looking at his muscles. Courtney yells at him. The Screaming Grips then finishes their karts and races. Courtney then doubts her team as they are in dead last. Duncan and Noah then throw things at the other team to slow them down when they are about to pass the finish line... Their kart stops moving. Courtney's team is about to win once gaining the lead until her screaming causes them to fall and the other team to win. Chris then declares the Killer Gaffers the winners and the Screaming Grips does not get food for the night.

Second HeadingEdit

Ocean's 12
Season 4, Episode 13
Date Played May 29, 2011
Challenge Crimina Hookout
Winner(s) Killer Gaffers
Eliminated Nobody
Episode Guide
"Aftermath: II"
"Total Drama in B.C."

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