Lewshana Relationship: Ezekiel Friends: Everyone (Except Enemies) Enemies: Duncan, Courtney Place: TDI 15th, TDA None, TDWT 1st, TDR 14th, US 3rd

LeShawna (The Sister With 'Tude), was a contestant in Total Drama Horror. She is on the Screaming Gophers in the first season and on the Screaming Culps in the third season. LeShawna was one of the most liked contestants on the show, having various friends, and healing some of her most vicious conflicts. She is in the last 2 seasons.

Season oneEdit

180px-Pushin' Dummies

Lewshana yelling at Heather

In "Welcome to camp Righteousness" Lewshana comes on the island all happy and already knows a few people like DJ. She shakes hands with Trent, and Bridgette, and soon gets mad when Harold says she's really big and loud. Heather thought Lewshana was a clutz and that she should be kicked off already.Lewshana high-fived many people. Her team won and went to a tuck shot party. In the episode feed it Lindsay became friends with Lewshana when they both were feeding an animal. They both were up against Duncan & DJ. The next episode in "Down in the Chumps" Lewshana wouldn't stop arguing with Heather because she was being really nasty and vile. Heather was always thinking of getting Lewshana out. Lewshana connected with everyone on the island except for Courtney, Duncan & Heather. DJ asked Lewshana early in the morning to see if anyone was outside. Bridgette throughout the show has become closer to Lewshana. In "Splish Splash Darter Park" Lewshana is with Trent & Gwen (her best friend and best friend's crush). Trent thought of him and Lewshana as great friends. During eliminations Lewshana would usually vote with her alliance members, or just only with Bridgette. In the eliminations she was never in the bottom two until her own elimination. During all the episodes to her elimination Lewshana did pretty good.

180px-LeShawna's Loud Snoring

Lewshana asleep during the middle of the final challenge in "Not a Jewelry Island"

Lewshana survived long in the staying until morning challenge, she did good at wieght lifting, Lewshana excelled at most of the challenegs but often lost in the elimination round. On the episode "Not a Jewelry Island" Ezekiel expressed his feelings to Lewshana and Lewshana and Ezekiel bacame another couple. Justin got sick to his stomach. Courtney wanted to barf. Heather then in the end convinces half of the team to boot Lewshana out. Whe Lewshana was leaving she hugged Ezekiel wanted him to survive longer than Heather and promise to always be hopeful. Lewshana's name was only mentioned once more when Duncan later in the series makes fun of her.

Season twoEdit

In "Aftermath: I" Lewshana smiles while the ex-contestants are being announced.

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