250px-Katie mad

Relationship: Li’l G Friends: Sadie, Owen, Lewshana, Trent, Cody, DJ, Ezekiel, Justin Enemies: Heather, Noah, Eva, Courtney, Eva, Geoff, Duncan Place: TDI 21st, TDA 12th, TDWT 17th, TDR None


Katie (The Good-Looking BFF) was a contestant in Total Drama Horror. She was on the Killer Bass team. Her best friend was Sadie, and they knew each other since Kindergarten. She will return for Season Three as a contestant.

Season oneEdit

Katie came when Sadie came on the island. they were stoked to win and be at a summer camp in "Welcome to Camp Righteousness". The next episode Katie only talked to Sadie the whole time, but it wasn't mentioned what they were talking about. In "Izzy in the Big House" Katie didn't speak but did seem happy when Duncan let her escape. Owen said Katie was very nice and gentle to many things. In "Fashion Queens don't Quit" Katie is saddened that Sadie is gone. So she quits and gets voted off by her whole team. Katie in the Special Confessional episode didn't really say anything. In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" Katie basically was talking to Sadie the whole time until she along with others accidentally chose Lindsay to go. in the final episode katie was rooting for DJ to win and was happy when he did. But she was excited when she went to season two but depressed Sadie didn't.

Season TwoEdit

In "The Beast Within" Katie doesn't say anything but screams with everyone else when being chased. She did cheer with everyone when she won the challenge with her team. In "Fartagus" Katie high-fives Cody for winning for the team yesterday.

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