Heavy Metal DramaEdit

The guys and girls are all put into one cabin and are having a rough time with Courtney back. Cody and Courtney are trying to eliminate each other in a slight rivalry. As the two go head to head, the other cast are not caring (except Ezekiel, Bridgette, and Beth). Duncan asks the other guys how their team is and Justin says that its okay but could be better with "somebody" gone (referring to Ezekiel). Ezekiel then yells at him. Noah asks Cody what's he doing and Cody answers that by getting Justin and Ezekiel to vote Courtney off with Beth and him. Meanwhile Courtney is bossing every girls except Bridgette around. Lindsay then says she doesn't have to listen, due to not being in the same team. Soon everybody was on a plane and Chris said everyone has to jumps starting with Cody. Everyone laughs at him and he jumps, then Noah, Justin, Lindsay, Beth, Bridgette, Duncan, Ezekiel and Courtney. After they jumped, Cody was happy they lived. Beth was in charged of making the spray paint. Duncan controls his. As Courtney criticize Beth, Ezekiel gets angry and defends her. Justin asks Cody who to vote after Courtney, he then said anybody, as long as Courtney is out. Beth then agreed. Once Chris judged the masterpiece, the Gaffers won. Lindsay and Noah started to chat about how Duncan did good while Duncan asked Courtney if she'll get voted off quickly. She then mocks him as he turns and goes to Noah. Lindsay gets mad when Noah turns from her to talk to Duncan. Noah and Duncan talk about who will they vote once making it to the finals. Noah says that they should take either Ezekiel or Justin out. Duncan agreed and then the second portion started.. Bridgette was the admiral and didn't do anything but lead and sleep. As the others took several abuse and soon, Justin got cut. Beth told him to get over himself. When Duncan and Noah was protecting the trunk, Lindsay was doing her nails. Duncan sets a booby trap on the other team and Bridgette leads them one more time and soon, Noah gets captured. Lindsay and Duncan defends the trunk and quickly win after some hard convincing (fighting). When they look in side, they have despair when nothing's inside but they won the challenge. Justin, Beth, Bridgette, and Cody all then agree to take Courtney out but Bridgette disagrees and says to ask Ezekiel. Beth then goes to Ezekiel before the show is off.

Second HeadingEdit

Episode Guide
"Disaster Master "
"The Aftermath: II"

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