Noah smiles while Cody cringes in "Down in the Chumps" when Harold is sinking


This article is about the one-sided conflict between Harold and Noah. Though they have rare interactions, Noah is easily annoyed of Harold's actions. Therefore, Harold is a big enemy of Noah.

Episodes ForEdit

Welcome to Camp RighteousnessEdit

Noah smiled a bit when Harold wasn't on his team.

Down in the ChumpsEdit

Noah was shown annoyed when Harold was talking with the other guys. Noah was happy when Harold was sinking.

Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of ShameEdit

Noah ignored Harold when he was giving facts to him about animals. He then rejected Harold and made fun of him.

The very last episode Srysly?Edit

Harold and Noah glared at each other when they were cheering for the opposite person.

Season twoEdit

The Beast WithinEdit

Noah agreed with Duncan that Harold not being in season two was good.

The Aftermath: IIEdit

Harold says that he extremely wants Noah to be voted off and out again.


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