Gwen from tdi (total drama island)

Relationship: Trent Duncan (One-sided) Friends: Trent, Owen, Beth, Lindsay, Lewshana, Duncan, DJ, Geoff, Bridgette, Cody, Lindsay, Tyler, Harold, Lil’ G, Eva Enemies: Noah, Heather, Courtney, Justin, Ezekiel Place: TDI 17th, TDA 11th, TDWT None, TDR 5th


Gwen (The Grumpy Goth) was one of the grumpiest characters on Total Drama Horror. She was placed on the Killer Bass in Welcome to camp Righteousness.

Season oneEdit

When Gwen arrived she immediately wanted to go back home. She said in the confessionals in the first two episodes that the place was boring. She easily became enemies with Heather and befriended Bridgette and Lewshana. Cody started to flirt with her but she seemed to connect more with Trent and Duncan more. In "Guitar Losers" Gwen and Trent were playing the guitars together in the semi-final round. They both got Heather out but Heather revealed that Gwen and Trent like each other so Gwen eliminates herself from the challenge and beats Heather up with Lewshana, Bridgette, and Lindsay (who got dragged in). When trent was out she was extremely sad and they share a hug before he departs. in "School of hard Noah's" Gwen and Duncan sneek out of the challenge and ends up having fun but they are partly the reason why their team lost.

Also this relates to when they hanged out at the end of "Splish Splash Darter Park". The next episode Gwen was impressed with how Duncan was doing but felt concerned when DJ, Beth, Justin, and Cody got out so quickly. Gwen was the last of her team to get out but she was eliminated and she was a bit shocked but then high-fived Duncan, and said good-bye to several contestants. In the special Confessional hidden episode Gwen said good things about every contestant but Courtney and Eva. She said in "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" that Owen or DJ should win, Duncan, Izzy, Lindsay, and Bridgette should make it farther than Eva and wanted to say something about Courtney and did but then Courtney and her got into a fight. Gwen was voting for DJ to win and was happy when he did. She was also happy when she got a chance to win in season two. Although she was sad that Lewshana didn't make it.

Total Drama Extravaganza!Edit

She was chosen to compete on Total Drama Extravaganza!

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