Ezekiel-Noah ConflictEdit

This article is about the conflict between Ezekiel and Noah.


The two have been in more of a rivalry than led to be. They easily are annoyed by one another. As Noah hates Ezekiel's guts, Ezekiel finds Noah annoying.

Episodes ForEdit

Playa Des LosersEdit

Noah says that he will not think Ezekiel will win and Ezekiel's time on the show is coming to an end soon.

The very last episode Srysly?Edit

Both Ezekiel and Noah glare at one another when both make it to season two.

Season twoEdit

The Beast WithinEdit

Duncan, Noah and Owen try to eliminate the opposing team to win the challenge. After Noah gets Ezekiel out, he mocks him. However, wen Noah gets captured, Ezekiel mocks him back.

Doctor ImpersonatorEdit

Ezekiel and some others notices the shadow similar to Noah. When Noah returned, Ezekiel and Justin said the game is less fun with him.

Disaster Master Edit

Ezekiel states that Noah in the game is bringing bad luck to the contestants.

Episodes AgainstEdit

The Horror Project Edit

When Gwen was voted off, Noah and Ezekiel smile at one another because of their hatred for Gwen.


  • Both share the hatred for Gwen
  • As Noah likes Eva, Ezekiel hates her

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