Owen's happy go lucky attitude makes him a friendly person and and gets him a lot of friends

This article is about the friendship between Owen and the other characters. Owen's happy-go-lucky attitude and overwhelming sense of optimism allows him to befriend almost everyone.


The two barely interacted (due to being on separate teams). But Beth likes Owen a lot and thought of him as a really funny guy. She said in "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" that he had a really good chance at winning. Owen and Beth vote DJ to win and is happy when he does. As everyone is celebrating his victory Owen seems to be hugging Beth and Izzy. In season two they don't have much interaction because not being on the same team again. They interact in the first episode greeting each other. In "Fartagus" Beth seemed sad when Owen messed the challenge up for his team. She said he'll be fine. In "Back to the Beachyard" Beth was seen sad with others as she discovers from Izzy that Owen was voted off. In "The Horror Project" Beth smiled when Izzy would rather kiss Owen than anybody else.


The two never really interacted until the episode of Bridgette's elimination where she wondered why did Owen want her voted off next and he said he made promise. Other than that the two are really good friends. They both make it to season two and are happy. In season two they don't interact much due to not being on the same team. Bridgette thanked Owen when he helped her escape from the bounce house. In "Back to the Beachyard" Bridgette was sad when she found out Owen was eliminated. In "Aftermath: I", Owen told Geoff that Bridgette is really nice and that he is official friends with her now. Geoff smiles and thanks Owen for this.


These two interacted a lot before Cody's elimination. They would hang out together whenever (especially during a challenge). Cody would sometimes ask Owen how does he get girls. Both high-five each other when they make it to season two. In season two they have no interactions (due to Owen's early elimination and not being on the same team). Though Cody was happy and hugged Owen in "Fartagus". In "Back to the Beachyard" Cody was seen crying when Owen was voted off. He said that he might have (most likely) take Owen's place to keep Owen in. Cody mentions Owen again in "Doctor Impersonator" when he tells Noah that Owen misses him. See Cody-Owen Friendship for more information.

Cody and Owen getting along


Unlike several campers, Courtney actually despises Owen. Though they have never interacted until the "Trusting a Snake", Courtney and Owen were notably seemed to be good friends. Courtney snaps at Owen though in the episode of her elimination. Owen also votes her out. In the next episode Owen reveals that having Courtney out is good. Courtney then vows to get Owen back. In season two when Courtney returns she is happy to not have Owen still competing. See Everyone-Courtney Conflict for more information or Courtney-Owen Conflict for more information.


Both DJ and Owen had a few differences, but grew to be best friends. Owen was happy and impressed when DJ lifted the tree with Harold on it. The two get along a lot. Though most their interaction started in the merge. In "Crash & Dash" DJ along with Owen, Izzy, Lindsay and Bridgette played Candyland and DJ was impressed when Owen kept on winning. In "Extreme Laser Tag" Both Owen and DJ were a a bit scared but stood next each other when Ezekiel got Courtney and Heather out. They both yelled when Ezekiel was hit with the groin. the episode of swinging the vines DJ and Owen tied themselves together and won invincibility. The only thing they said to each other was to be careful. the two are extremely close friends and said good things about each other all the time. They haven't had much interaction until "A Wave down Dramary street". Both are put on the same team in season two. Where their friendship develops. In "The Beast Within" DJ and Owen doesn't interact much . In the beginning, they high-five and talk. When Duncan is put on their team, they both say yes and high-five again. In "Fartagus" DJ and Owen work together in the challenge, but doesn't survive long. DJ felt bad for Owen when he ruined it for his team. Though Owen lost the challenge for them, DJ and Duncan refused to vote him off. When he was voted off he told DJ good-bye in sympathetic voice. Duncan and DJ vow to avenge Owen before the episode is over. In "Back to the Beachyard" DJ and Duncan tell each other to do good to not end up like Owen (though they wasn't mocking Owen). DJ and Duncan convince Gwen and Lindsay to vote Heather which worked to avenge Owen. When DJ was voted off in "Wacky Wild West", he says that he'll be glad to talk to Owen again and happily goes. See Owen-DJ Friendship for more information or Everyone-DJ Friendship for more information.

200px-Ep17 01

Owen kisses DJ and Duncan out of friendship


The two haven't had much interaction throughout the season but do consider each other as close friends. Owen would defend Duncan sometimes when people would insult him and Duncan considered in the hidden episode that Owen is okay. They would both playfully joke with each other. When Owen was eliminated he said in the confessional that he thinks Duncan kind of should've been going home but they did fist-bumb when saying farewell. Both are somewhat happy to be put on the same team in season two and hide together with Noah. Duncan was surprised to see Owen get voted off with DJ. They both didn't interact in the series finale. In season two they are put on the same team building their friendship even more. In "The Beast Within" they get an extended amount of interaction together. They part with Noah and tricks people to survive in the challenge. Though Owen was happy Duncan was safe, he was sad to see Noah go. In "Fartagus", Duncan asks Owen when he was gonna tell Noah, he then says he won't because he doesn't want to ruin their friendship. Though Owen seemed happy when Duncan confessed that Noah deserved a chance. Duncan was sad when Owen lost the challenge for them, however he resist from voting Owen off (due to their friendship). Owen bids farewell to Duncan when he is voted off. Duncan said he'll get far for Owen as he leaves. Later, Duncan and DJ create a secret guys alliance to avenge Owen. The next episode Duncan and DJ convince Gwen and Lindsay to vote Heather as an act to avenge Owen in "Back to the Beachyard". In "Aftermath: I" DJ tells Owen Duncan misses him, and Owen says that he thanks Duncan for the comment. See Duncan-Owen Friendship for more information.

Eva  Edit

They haven't talked much but Owen was seen to be scared of her at times but when she was eliminated he wished her farewell. In season two they don't interact due to Eva not being in the season and Owen is.


The two had little to no interaction during the season but Ezekiel did say Owen was a good friend. In "A Wave Down Dramary street" Owen was kind of shocked to see how Ezekiel could be happy when he was eliminated. Ezekiel told Owen he was an awesome guy and would chose him to win of all people. In season two they never interact because not being on the same team and Owen's early elimination. Though Ezekiel was happy to have Owen on the show. In "Back to the Beachyard", Ezekiel was sad when Owen was voted off.


The two had no interaction but Geoff didn't say anything bad about Owen. Geoff considers Owen as the other party dude on the island. Geoff was happy that Owen went to season two. In season two they have limited interaction because of Geoff interviewing Owen in the "Aftermath: I". They chat and have a real first discussion. Geoff insults Owen a bit, but always apologized for his mistakes. Geoff and Owen share a hug before Heather comes out.


When Gwen arrived to the island Owen greeted her and she just stared at him. In "Fashion Queens don't quit" Owen thought Gwen looked greta and she thanked him. Owen gave Gwen a 8 for everything she did. The next episode Owen and Gwen complimented each other when hearing that each other was still in the competition. Owen hugged Gwen when she was voted off and wished her farewell with a bunch of others. Next season they are put on the same team. They both high-five each other. When they found out Duncan was on their team, they both gasped next to each other but was overall happy to have Duncan on their team. In "Fartagus" Gwen asked Duncan, Owen and DJ if they should've voted Noah off. DJ said he didn't really know, Duncan said Noah deserved it. But Gwen and Owen both said that maybe Noah could've helped them later. Later on Gwen wishes Owen luck and he thanks her. However, after Owen made their team lose, Gwen votes Owen off (though feels sorry). She then feels sorry for it and regrets voting for him. He bids farewell to Gwen as he leaves. In "Reverse Act" Gwen states in the confessional that Owen would be happy to see the plays. See Gwen-Owen Friendship for more information.
180px-Owen Gwen hug

Owen hugs Gwen good-bye


The two seem to be on good terms but sometimes wasn't so clear when Harold would sometimes disagree with Owen. They were excited to be on the same team with each other. They both got along well except when Harold though Owen was double-crossing him. In "Not a Jewelry Island" Harold and Owen partner up and find the cash. When Harold was voted off Owen was shocked to see him go but high-fived him good-bye. In Playa Des Losers Harold says that Owen could win if he wanted at the point where there was just Owen, DJ, Duncan, Eva, Lindsay, Ezekiel, Eva, and Izzy. In "The very last episode Srysly?" Harold and Owen talk a bit and root DJ to win. Owen seems arguably sad when Harold doesn't join him in season two with him. In season two they have no interactions due to Harold not being in season two but Owen yes. Though in "Aftermath: I", Harold greets Owen and he greets back and they both smile at each other. See Harold-Owen Friendship for more information.
Picture 1

Harold comforts Owen in the The very last episode Srysly?


Heather doesn't really like Owen and on many occasions tried to get him voted off. Owen used to like her before he saw her true nature when she was voted off. Heather didn't approve of Owen making it to the final eight and said instead of him she should be there. They are put on the same team in season two and Heather glares at Owen when he said boo because she was on his team. However Owen didn't boo her in a mean way. In "Fartagus" Heather is mad when Owen makes them lose. She also wanted and did vote Owen off. She was seen evilly smiling when Owen was leaving. In "Aftermath: I" Owen states that Heather is really mean and karma will get her back for that. See Everyone-Heather Conflict for more information. See Heather-Owen Conflict for more information.
200px-TDI Heather Owen

In "Feed it" Owen greets Heather


The two doesn't talk much (due to not being on the same team in both the first two seasons). Izzy and Owen do form a crush and secretly kiss each other. When Izzy creates an alliance with Duncan and Ezekiel, she tells them to not vote Owen under any circumstances proving they are a couple. In season two they both are happy to see each other and kiss. Owen wondered where was Izzy and got scared for her. In "Fartagus" Izzy and Owen kept on talking to each other and wonder if Owen would be voted off. She went to his elimination and when Owen was out she screamed and hugged him bye. Owen hopes Izzy wins for him. Izzy then said she was going to avenge Owen by getting one of his teammates out. In "The Horror Project" Izzy says that she only likes kissing Owen and just Owen. See Izzy-Owen Relationship for more information.


Owen and Izzy stare at each other in the beginning of "Fartagus"


When Justin came to the island Owen drooled for him. They haven't talked much because Justin was quiet in season one but he did said that Owen should win. Also in season two they didn't talk much due to not being on the same team and Owen's early elimination. In "Fartagus" Owen tricks Justin into getting hit by the monster but do have a friendly conversation with each other. The next episode in "Back to the Beachyard" Justin was one of many to feel bad for Owen's elimination, even saying that Heather will leave soon for voting him off. See Everyone-Justin attraction for more information.


They never interacted but Katie did say that Owen was a lot of fun during the show. She though of him as a fun guy with Sadie in "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame ". In season two they have no interactions.


Lewshana is one of the several people to like Owen. They have a lot of fun talking to each other. They would support each other a lot but sometimes disagree like when Owen said he was going to vote Trent but Lewshana said she'd vote Heather anyway. In "Not a Jewelry Island" Owen found out Lewshana kissed Ezekiel and he congradulated her. Owen started to cry when Lewshana was voted off and he wished her farewell with most people left at camp. In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" Lewshana said Owen deserves to win. In season two they have no interactions, though Lewshana was happy when Owen greeted everyone and Harold. See Lewshana-Owen Friendship for more information.


Lindsay is one of many to like Owen. They both enjoy each other a lot and have similar personalities. Lindsay would always suggest to Heather not to vote Owen off under and circumstances. They haven't had much interaction but care for each other when one gets hurt. Owen said farewell to Lindsay when she was voted off. She also said that she'd miss him the most. Lindsay hugged Owen when they both made it to season two and was put on the same team. She was sad when she voted Owen off with Gwen and Heather. She did wish him farewell too. The next episode in "Back to the Beachyard" Lindsay regretted again voting for Owen and said that she wished that day never happened and that Owen was still there.


The two barely interacted due to not being on the same team. But Noah would make Owen laugh at points in the show. In "School of Hard Noah's" Noah yells at Owen for no reason but does apologizes. Owen does hug Noah good-bye. In the Confessional Special Noah agrees with many others that Owen should win. In season two they are put on the same team. They both fist-bumb. During the challenge they were seen have mini friendly talks with Duncan. Owen ended up voting Noah off but he quickly regretted it. In "Fartagus" He said that he wouldn't tell Noah he voted him off because he didn't want to ruin their friendship. In "Doctor Impersonator" Cody tells Noah that Owen is rooting for him all the way, making Noah smile, vowing to win for Owen. See Noah-Owen Friendship for more information.
180px-Noah owen hug bridgette cuddle

Owen hugs Noah when he finds out they're on the same team in season two


She had no interaction with him but just like Katie Sadie thinks of Owen as a cool fun guy in "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame". In season two they have absolutely no interactions.


The two are really good friends but don't talk a lot. They would compliment each other. But their friendship was really unclear when Owen voted Trent off in "Guitar Losers". Despite that Trent still said in Playa Des Losers and the Confessional special that Owen deserves more than most people to win. In season two they have almost no interactions but in "Aftermath: I" Owen greets Trent stating that he likes Trent a lot. See Trent-Owen Friendship for more information.


The two barely interacted but considered each other as friends. They would smile at each other a lot. Owen would also wish Tyler farewell when he got eliminated each time in both "Are yo smarter than a Jock?" and "Book catalogue o' fun". Tyler also said that Owen has a chance at winning. In season two they have no interactions due to Tyler not being in season two but Owen is in season two.


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