Ezekiel getting a first good impression on Chris

Everyone-Ezekiel FriendshipEdit

This article is about the friendship Ezekiel has with most people on the show.


Despite not having much interaction in season one, they weirdly have more interactions in season two where they both are still on the show.

Season twoEdit

In "The Beast Within" Ezekiel and Beth are happy to be put on the same team. They don't interact for the rest of the episode. In "Fartagus" They still show little sign of interaction or friendship, but they don't seem to be annoyed by sitting next to one another while they are eliminated from the challenge. In "Back to the Beachyard" Beth cheers Ezekiel on during the surfing challenge. Ezekiel goes along with Beth's plan when to build the sand castle. In the final challenge, when they won, Ezekiel and Beth share a hug.

In "Reverse Act" Despite talking as a team on who is doing what role, they have no interactions in this episode. In "Wacky Wild West" Ezekiel and Beth high-five one another when they both capture someone. When Ezekiel is fell on by Beth and Lindsay, they both wonder and ask if he is okay. He says yeah and Beth helps him up. In "The one with the small Hatchet" Ezekiel and Beth decide together that Lindsay should go. In "Doctor Impersonator" Ezekiel and Beth discuss the symptoms with everyone. Ezekiel also talks to Cody and Justin about Cody's problem with Beth at the moment.

In "The Horror Project" Ezekiel constantly tells Cody to say sorry but is in a battle with Justin that he shouldn't do that. Ezekiel then later on convinces Cody and is happy when Beth forgives him. In "Disaster Master" Beth and Ezekiel talk a lot during the episode with Bridgette, due to the fact that Courtney is back on their team. Beth stands up for Ezekiel when Courtney yells at him for no reason. Ezekiel and Beth hold hands when they both are about to die. In "Heavy Metal Drama" Ezekiel and Beth don't really interact until Cody talks to them about how to get rid of Courtney. See Beth-Ezekiel Friendship for more information.


Despite the minimal interaction in season one due to not being on the same team, they have much more interaction in season two for being on the same team. However, their friendship technically begins on the 8th episode.

Season twoEdit

In "Doctor Impersonator" Bridgette and Ezekiel look at each other when they are healed and they have their first real conversation. In "Disaster Master" Ezekiel talks with Bridgette and more people about Courtney's return and how to eliminate her. As Bridgette is Courtney's friend, she sees where he is coming from. In "Heavy Metal Drama" they only smiled at one another when attacking the other team.


The two had almost no interactions in season one, due to Cody's early elimination. However, in season two they become best friends due to being on the same team and Cody being in the competition longer. They interact at least once in every episode in season two.

In "The weak, the annoying, and the Cody" Ezekiel and most of his team felt bad about Cody's injuries. They even check up on him. Despite Ezekiel voting Cody off, he did it for a good cause.

Season twoEdit

In "The Beast Within" Ezekiel and Cody high-five when being on the same team. In "Fartagus" Ezekiel seemed very concerned when Chef Hatchet shot Cody in the face. In "Back to the Beachyard" both Cody and Ezekiel state how cold it is in the surfing place. They both during the challenge playfully tease one another. Cody admires Ezekiel's idea about the sand castle. Ezekiel and Cody hug when they won the challenge. In "Reverse Act" Cody and Ezekiel seem to talk a lot but the camera didn't emphasize on what they were saying. However, they both were upset together when Duncan made Lindsay cry.

In "Wacky Wild West" after Lindsay and Beth fell on Ezekiel, Cody (and Duncan) looked the most concerned and Cody wondered if he was alright. In "The one with the small Hatchet" Ezekiel tells Cody a plan on how to get Beth's friendship back. When Cody thinks it works, he thanks Ezekiel for the brilliant idea. In "Doctor Impersonator" Cody and Ezekiel both go against Ezekiel being in an alliance with Cody and Justin. In "The Horror Project" Ezekiel devises a plan to scare the Gaffers. However, Cody doesn't appreciate it when he scares Gwen but cracks up when he scares Duncan. they both then smile at each other. In "Disaster Master" Ezekiel and Cody both get pushed into a tunnel by the golf balls.

In "Heavy Metal Drama" Ezekiel and Cody with others think of a plan to get rid of Courtney. Cody then stands up for Ezekiel and others. He then enters a rivalry with Courtney and Ezekiel suggests to Cody to step out the rivalry but Cody says no and says that he is fighting for him and his team. See Tyler-Cody-Ezekiel-Duncan Friendship for more info or the Cody-Ezekiel Friendship for more information.


Both have a strong dislike for each other since season one and has had a hard time dealing with one another. However, they start to get even more of a conflict in season two when on the same team again.

In "Extreme" Courtney got mad when Ezekiel got her out. Her retaliation was kicking him in the crotch. In "Trusting a Snake" Ezekiel and Courtney were partnered up for the challenge. They were in a bit of a rivalry when deciding who does what. Courtney hurts him in the crotch on purpose leaving Ezekiel in the infirmary without caring. Later on Ezekiel and Courtney vote for one another but Ezekiel ends up staying. Ezekiel mocks Courtney before she leaves. In "The very last episode Srysly?" Ezekiel gets pushed by Courtney when he mocks her after Izzy starts to win.

Season twoEdit

In "Disaster Master" Ezekiel was extremely unpleased tom see Courtney return. He was even more angry when she is put on his team. She bosses him and the rest of the team around for the rest of the episode. In "Heavy Metal Drama" Courtney continues to get on Ezekiel's case and even getting Ezekiel to have a newly strong hatred for her. Cody then says he'll stand up for him. Ultimately Ezekiel sides with Cody and agrees to boot Courtney off. See Everyone-Courtney Conflict or Courtney-Ezekiel Conflict for more information.


DJ and Ezekiel are possibly enemies and possibly friends. They barley interact but not much is known of the two despite being on teams in season one. They have no interactions in season two due to not being on the same team and DJ's early elimination.

In "I'm Walking on Sunshine... i'm gonna let it shine" Ezekiel and DJ are partnered in the maze and they discuss how to escape. When Ezekiel faints, DJ gets worried and screams (however that could just be because he was scared). In "Book Catalogue o' Fun" Ezekiel discuss with the other guys (including DJ) who to vote next in the beginning of the episode. In "The Amazing Race around Camp Righteousness" Ezekiel and DJ both ask Duncan why he had a bad night. They both sympathetically stare at one another in hopes of Duncan cheering up. In "A Wave down Dramary Street" Ezekiel asked to come with DJ and Owen and DJ immediately said no. But did suggest going with Duncan and Izzy. As Ezekiel became mad, he easily cheered up. However, this was not the case in "The very last episode Srysly?" when Ezekiel voted for Izzy to win all the way. See Everyone-DJ Friendship for more information.

Season twoEdit

In "The Beast Within" Ezekiel is shown to like not having DJ as a teammate again.


The two have had numerous experiences of hatred in the past and has had only rare to no interactions until the episode of Harold's elimination in season one. Even still they still have rare interactions and started to have a bit more interactions in the merge. In season two however, due to not being in the same team this time they have even less interactions than the rare interactions they had before. However, they remain as good friends.

In "The weak, the annoying, and the Cody" Duncan and Ezekiel (and the rest of the team) agrees to vote out Cody but they both do it for Cody's safety. In another episode Duncan and Ezekiel were on good terms with one another after Ezekiel saves Duncan from being out the challenge. Duncan becomes friends with Ezekiel and Ezekiel gloats about it in the confessional. In another episode in "Extreme Laser Tag" Duncan and some other guys pray when Ezekiel is out. Also before, Duncan compliments Ezekiel for his good moves in the challenge. In "A Wave down Dramary Street" Duncan makes an alliance with Ezekiel (and Izzy). They team up in the challenge to get back to camp. They didn't really interact until the end when Ezekiel was voted off. Duncan bid farewell to him as he leaves.

Season twoEdit

Caged D Z

Duncan and Ezekiel caged in the first Aftermath

Duncan made fun of Ezekiel and Cody in "Back to the Beachyard". However, it was not to be mean. In "Reverse Act" Duncan was congratulated by Cody and Ezekiel when he kissed Lindsay. In "Wacky Wild West" Duncan asks Ezekiel if he knows what he is doing in the first challenge. After Beth and Lindsay fall on Ezekiel, Duncan (and Cody) seems the most concerned for his safety. In "The Horror Project" Ezekiel makes a plan and it successfully scares Duncan (though it was not to be mean or get revenge). Duncan laughed when both Ezekiel and Cody got hit into a tunnel in "Disaster Master". See Tyler-Cody-Ezekiel-Duncan Friendship for more information.


Eva and Ezekiel are big enemies due to the fact that Eva finds Ezekiel annoying, despite the fact that they have only interacted in the episode of Eva's elimination. However, in season two Ezekiel is only in season two of the two and in the Aftermath's, Eva makes fun of Ezekiel whenever he is in a That's gonna leave a mark segment.

In "The Amazing Race around Camp Righteousness" Eva made fun of Ezekiel when he crashed into a wall. Ezekiel then yells at her, she retaliates by smacking him and calling him a loser.


Both of them seem to enjoy one another but hasn't really interacted. Due to Geoff's early elimination in season one and only Ezekiel being in season two. However, they remain good friends and Geoff is happy when he mentions Ezekiel.

In "Down in the Chumps" Ezekiel bid farewell to Geoff as he boards the Boat of Losers.

Gwen Edit

Gwen is one of the few people to actually mutually hate Ezekiel. She thinks he is annoying and is a complete waste to the show. However, she started to hate him in season two where they actually get some interaction. However, the interaction is only rare. Ezekiel also despises Gwen, having no respect for her.

In "The very last episode Srysly?" Ezekiel glared at everyone who was voting for DJ (including Gwen).

Season twoEdit

In "The Beast Within" Gwen was happy when Ezekiel was not on her team this season. Ezekiel retaliates by calling Gwen a name. In another episode, Ezekiel was cheering and was happy when Gwen was unfairly kicked off. Gwen said that Ezekiel was gonna lose the competition, which made him glare at her as she leaves in "The Horror Project".


Ezekiel and Harold do not interact much. However, they seem to be good friends at times and can seem like best friends. However again, Harold considers Ezekiel annoying but they are decent friends.


Harold tells Ezekiel that he can be annoying sometimes but he is still cool

In "Izzy in the big House" when Harold and Tyler was making a run for it, Ezekiel smiled and thought that their plan was foolproof. In "Down in the Chumps" Ezekiel asks what time is it. Harold tells him in a nice way. In another episode, Ezekiel found out about Harold's elimination and was sad. In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" Harold says Ezekiel can't win but he can get very far where he is at.

Season twoEdit

In "The Beast Within" Ezekiel sighs and says that without Harold, the competition will be a bit more boring. However, he seems to forget that later in the episode.


Heather had an extreme dislike for Ezekiel in season one, even though they barely interacted in season one. Though, in the merge of season one, they settle their conflict and become good friends. However, in season two they have no interactions due to not being on the same team and Heather's early elimination.

In "Welcome to Camp RIghteousness" Heather stepped on Ezekiel's foot when he waved high to her. In "Extreme Laser Tag" Ezekiel gets Heather out and she yells at him. Later on in the episode when Heather is out, Ezekiel hugs her and she hurts him down. However, she helps him up and becomes friends with him.

Season twoEdit

In "The Beast Within" in the bus, Ezekiel and Heather sit next to each other and have no problem doing so.



Izzy jumps on top of Ezekiel once she is out the bus onto the film lot

Despite being on the same team in season one, they only interact in one episode in season one. However, Ezekiel does vote for Izzy due to being friends with her. in season two, Ezekiel and Izzy are still on the same team and they still have limited interactions.

In "A Wave down Dramary Street" Ezekiel allies with Izzy and Duncan and cooperate through the entire episode. They make an alliance but Ezekiel is out when he is voted off. Izzy is shown to be sad. The next episode in "The very last episode Srysly?" Ezekiel roots for Izzy all the way. When Izzy looses, Ezekiel frowns but supports Izzy still.

Season twoEdit

In "Disaster Master" Ezekiel waves good-bye to Izzy when she is voted off. He seems arguably sad when Izzy rode the lame-o-zine. In the next episode Ezekiel said he missed Izzy already in "Heavy Metal Drama".


Justin is arguably Ezekiel's worst enemy. They both became enemies when on the same team in season two again. Also Justin being more active and talking more.

Season twoEdit

In "The Beast Within" Justin shows his disgust towards Ezekiel being on his team. Ezekiel then glares at him. Later on, Justin laughs when Ezekiel gets captured. However, when Justin gets captured Ezekiel makes fun of him. In "Fartagus" Justin was making fun of Ezekiel and Cody and Justin made Ezekiel trip in the challenge. In the next episode in "Back to the Beachyard" Justin makes fun of Ezekiel during the sand castle challenge. However, he liked Ezekiel's idea of the castle. Justin said that he made fun of Ezekiel because he actually has some skill in sand castle. In the next episode Justin gets angry when Ezekiel voted for him to kiss Izzy. In "The one with the small Hatchet" Justin and Ezekiel actually side with one another but struggled when telling Cody what he should do to win Beth's friendship back. Eventually Justin gets mad when Cody sides with Ezekiel. In the next episode, Justin and Ezekiel are not happy with Noah returning but Justin slaps Ezekiel. In "The Horror Project" Justin does not like Ezekiel's idea of scaring the other team. However, he is still happy when his plan works. In "Heavy Metal Drama" Ezekiel and Justin argue non-stop but settle their differences when they both ally with Beth and Cody to take Courtney down.

Katie & SadieEdit

Ezekiel has had not much interaction with either girls however he is somewhat in a way friends with Katie and seems to harbor a deep dislike for Sadie. Sadie also hates Ezekiel because of his sexes comments. However, Katie became his friend in season two when she was going to be voted off.

Season twoEdit

In "The one with the small Hatchet" Ezekiel and Katie hug before she has her departure and is voted off. In the "Aftermath: II" Sadie says that Ezekiel should be voted off because he makes the game more boring.


Ezekiel started out with very little interactions with LeShawna. He then quickly grew a deep attraction for her, making her feel the same way. Now the two are a couple and in season two LeShawna is rooting for Ezekiel to win.

In "Not a Jewelry Island" Ezekiel talks to DJ about his crush and DJ said that he would help him get LeShawna. Later on in the challenge, Ezekiel kisses LewShawna and she and him become a couple. Ezekiel was devastated when LeShawna was voted off. In the next episode, Ezekiel mourns over LeShawna's departure. In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" LeShawna says that she roots for Ezekiel and that he will win.

Season twoEdit

In "The Aftermath: II" LeShawna wants Ezekiel to win. See Ezekiel-LeShawna Relationship for more information.


The two never interacted much but a couple of time because they were never on the same team. Therefore they could never interact much. However, they do make it to the merge twice in a row. As they did not talk really in the merge in season one. It is a possibility that they will interact with one another on season two's merge.

In "Feed it" Lindsay accidentally hurts Ezekiel but they apologize to one another and make up as friends. In another episode in "Extreme Laser Tag" Lindsay seemed worried when Ezekiel got it in the groin. She was going to check up on him until Bridgette reminded her that they need to get Duncan out. In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" Ezekiel bids farewell to Lindsay as she was leaving. She says good-bye to him back (implying that the two are somewhat friends).

Season twoEdit

In "The Beast Within" Ezekiel greets Lindsay saying that he is glad she is in season two. In another episode, Lindsay accidentally scares Ezekiel and she apologizes to him. They then become more comfortable when Lindsay is safe and checks up on Ezekiel. In "Heavy Metal Drama" Ezekiel smiles at Lindsay after they fall near one another.


Zeke-Noah Struggle

Noah and Ezekiel struggle to see who can escape the rope first

Noah and Ezekiel have a particularly shaky relationship so that makes them enemies. They do not like each other. However, their conflict really starts in season two once Noah returns to the show. They had no interactions in season one except for Noah commenting about Ezekiel.

In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame: Noah states that he does not want Ezekiel to win and that Ezekiel will be voted off very soon. In "The very last episode Srysly?" Ezekiel and Noah were not pleased with one another when they both made it to season two.

Season twoEdit

In "The Beast Within" Duncan, Noah and Owen devises a plan to eliminate their opposing teammates. Noah successfully gets Ezekiel and mocks him but when Noah gets captured, Ezekiel laughs and mocks him. In "Doctor Impersonator" Ezekiel and some others noticed a figure similar to Noah. When Noah returned, Ezekiel and Justin commented that he was going to ruin the game. In another episode in "Disaster Master" Ezekiel states in the Confessional that Noah needs to leave before a new crisis rears it's ugly head. See the Ezekiel-Noah Conflict for more information.


Owen and Ezekiel have very little history with one another. However, Owen values Ezekiel as a good friend. Ezekiel never was on Owen's team. Stopping them from interacting much more. However, Ezekiel cares for Owen a lot.

In "Welcome to Camp Righteousness" Ezekiel was happy to see Owen. In the merge in "Extreme Laser Tag" Owen complimented Ezekiel on his evasiveness. In "Book Catalogue O' Fun" Ezekiel asks Owen if he is scared and Owen says no. When Ezekiel decides on who to vote, Owen high-fives him but votes someone else. In another episode in "A Wave down Dramary street" Owen wishes Ezekiel farewell and is happy when Ezekiel is happy that he came in 6th place.

Season twoEdit

In "The Beast Within" Ezekiel states that Owen in another season is awesome. Owen then hugs him. Owen and Ezekiel seemed a tad sad when they were not on the same team again. In the next episode Ezekiel comments about Owen's farts but smiles at Owen. In "Back to the Beachyard" Ezekiel was crying when Owen was voted off. In "Aftermath: I" Owen talks about how much he misses his friends (including Ezekiel). In "Disaster Master" Ezekiel with the rest of the cast was annoyed and angered when Courtney was talking about how much the show is better without Owen. See Everyone-Owen Friendship for more information.


The two have almost no history or indication of being friends. However, Ezekiel considers Trent as a friend and Trent states in an aftermath that he is on good terms with Ezekiel. They do not have much interaction due to the fact that they were on different teams in season one. In season two Trent was no in it. Hopefully, in the future they will get to know one another more.

In "Guitar Losers" Ezekiel was shocked when he found out that Trent liked Gwen. Ezekiel was sad and asked Trent why would he cheat on Gwen when Heather revealed that he kissed her. However, he finds out the truth and apologizes to Trent off screen. In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" Trent said that Ezekiel is awesome and should be in the final four.

Trent, DJ, Geoff, Owen and Duncan all talk about Ezekiel

Season twoEdit

In "Aftermath: I" Trent said that he was rooting for Ezekiel to win.


Tyler and Ezekiel are really close friends and were even in the merge in season one together. However, they were not on the same team so they did not have much interaction. Also in season two Tyler was not a contestant. However, they have a friendship with Cody and Duncan.

In "Down in the Chumps" Ezekiel told Tyler how much he is sinking very fast. In another episode, Ezekiel was sad when Tyler messed up on what country they are in. In "Crash & Dash" Ezekiel hugged Tyler when he returned to the show. Ezekiel hung out with Tyler for the rest of the episode. In "Book Catalogue O' Fun" Ezekiel and Tyler kind of frowned when Duncan was safe. Ezekiel wished Tyler farewell. In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" Tyler (along with Cody) said that Ezekiel should not be in the final eight.

Season twoEdit

In "Aftermath: II" Tyler was rooting for Ezekiel (along with Lindsay, Bridgette, Duncan, Cody and Noah) to win.

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