Duncan's punkrock attitude has gottoen him to be enemies with most people on the show

Everyone-Duncan ConflictEdit

This article talks about the conflicts Duncan has with almost everybody in total drama history.


The two have very few interactions. In "Camp Dock" Beth begs for Duncan to come in her tent when she's scared. He rudely agreed. In "Crash & Dash" Duncan yells at Beth and she yells back. Harold stands up for Beth and then soon they both apologize. Realizing what they were doing. During a special event Beth said that Duncan is mean and grouchy, but he should get the money. In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" Beth said that Duncan has much of a good chance at winning as anybody else left in the game. In "Hidden episode: Final six Portrays" in the confessionals Duncan said that Beth is somebody who you could get annoyed by, however, he also said that she is one of the most nicest campers. In season two they still have limited interactions due to not being on the same team. Duncan however compliments Beth for making far in Disaster Master. So far "Disaster Master" shows only interaction between the two.

Duncan compliments Beth for making this far in Disaster Master


The two have minimal interactions (due to not being on the same team). In "One's a Crowd" Duncan repeats what Bridgette said. Which angers both Owen and Tyler (mostly Tyler). Bridgette forms an alliance with Lindsay to get Duncan voted off. In the elimination, neither of them were successful. In "Book Catalogue o' Fun" Bridgette wanted to vote Duncan off with Lindsay but Eva and Courtney disagreed because being friends with Duncan. However, Duncan and Lindsay were partnered up in a challenge, and at the end Bridgette and Duncan have their first non-conflict like conversation. In "A Wave down Dramary street" when Duncan, Izzy and Ezekiel get on Bridgette's surfboard with her, she tries to only push Duncan off. However, when a giant shark tried to eat them she quickly pulled Duncan on her board. The next episode Bridgette said she really wanted Duncan to get out. When Bridgette was out Duncan kind of chuckled but wished her farewell. In season two they have yet to interact but Duncan sometimes makes fun of Bridgette out of amusement and happiness. She does think he's gotten a bit nicer though, but Duncan always denies it. See Bridgette-Duncan Conflict for more information.

180px-TDI Duncan and Bridgette

Duncan and Bridgette in the bottom three with Beth in "One's a Crowd"


These two have almost no interactions. In one episode Duncan makes fun of him, Ezekiel, and Noah. In "Camp Dock" Cody assumed Duncan voted her off but Duncan and Gwen both said he didn't. When Cody was eliminated, Duncan said good-bye (implying that the two are friends). Cody says good-bye back. In the special event, Cody said Duncan should make it far, but he doesn't deserve to win. In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" Cody said a few nice things about Duncan but did remind people that he was bullied by him. In season two they have even less interaction. In "The Beast Within" Duncan tricks Cody into getting caught by the monster. Once Duncan's caught, Cody smirks and then mocks Duncan for being caught. Duncan retaliates by punching him in the stomach. In "Reverse Act" Cody was disappointed that Duncan yelled at Lindsay. But he quickly cheered for Duncan when Duncan kisses Lindsay. In "Back to the Beachyard" Duncan insults both Cody and Ezekiel after they were playfully making fun of each other. Cody was laughing when Duncan was scared out the tent in "The Horror Project". In "Disaster Master" Duncan laughed at Cody and Ezekiel when they got hit by golf balls, into a tunnel.


Despite the two being in a relationship, they have several conflicts throughout the show. In "Feed it" Courtney steps on Duncan's foot because he mocked her. The next episode she yells in his ear because he burps in her face. In "Izzy in the Big House" this showed how they get along with one another but Courtney was upset at Duncan when he kept her in. He then said "at least I'm in the jail cell with you". Courtney was jealous when Duncan won the award with Gwen in "Splish Splash Darter Park". In "Crash & Dash" Duncan throws Harold across the room because he karate chops Courtney. In "One's a Crowd" When they both fell off the vine and smiled and went to the bleachers. At the start of the next episode the finalist said things. Courtney said either her or Duncan is likely to win. Duncan said he deserves to win but if he didn't then Eva, DJ, Owen or Courtney should win. The next episode Courtney said that she was rooting for Duncan and Bridgette to win but became very annoyed when Lindsay was paired with Duncan in the previous episode so she votes Lindsay off as an attempt to take Duncan. In the last episode they were moslty spectating the race but they do have a few lines and they share another kiss. Duncan is crushed when Courtney isn't in season two. In Season two Duncan in the first episode cried that Courtney was gone. In the "Aftermath: I", Courtney exaggerates how much she misses Duncan but how much he is dead meat for hanging around with Gwen. In "Wacky Wild West" Duncan accidentally insults Courtney but vows to avenge her. In "Disaster Master" Courtney returns to the competition but is upset when Duncan begs her not to be on his team. During the challenge, Courtney was upset when Duncan was paying zero attention to her. See Courtney-Duncan Relationship for more information.

An annoyed Courtney looks at Duncan after he laughs at her


Despite the two's big differences and minimal interactions during the merge, DJ has befriended Duncan. In "Feed it" DJ and Duncan are paired up to feed an electric eel. DJ easily aggravates Duncan. Courtney then said he'd be going home if he didn't do the challenge. Duncan told him there was nothing to be scared of. When the Killer Bass won, DJ and Duncan fist-bumb (implying that they're friends). The next episode DJ, Geoff and Duncan pull a prank on Harold but the result was Geoff being eliminated. When Geoff was leaving he comes to DJ and Duncan before he goes. In "The weak, the annoying, and the Cody" Duncan seemed impressed with DJ's skills in weight lifting. The episode of Harold's elimination Duncan and Ezekiel try to boost DJ's confidence. At the beginning of "Book Catalogue o' Fun" DJ said anyone left deserved to win, except Courtney. DJ agreed with Duncan and Owen that Bridgette should be the next to go much to Duncan's pleasure. But DJ in the confessional in "Extreme Skateboarding" said that Duncan kind of deserved to get voted off instead of Bridgette. Duncan was somewhat pleased when DJ said farewell and fist bumbed him. Duncan was one of the original 10 campers to take DJ's side in "The Very last episode Srysly?". In season two Duncan and DJ are put on the same team again. Thus, developing their friendship. In "Fartagus" Duncan and DJ made a secret guys alliance on their team so they wouldn't be the next ones left to leave the show. Both seemed sad when Owen was voted off. In "Back to the Beachyard" DJ wondered if Duncan and Gwen went to get more water. Duncan and DJ both agreed on voting off Heather. Which prevails in the end. In "Wacky Wild West" Duncan and DJ seemed to have ended their friendship when they voted for each other, but Lindsay and Gwen voted blind folded and DJ was sent home. Duncan and DJ make up as friends and DJ wishes him luck. In "Aftermath: I" Geoff asks DJ if Duncan is still his friend DJ immediately says yes. The next episode Duncan states in the confessional that he misses DJ as a friend and a reliable source to stay in the game. See Everyone-DJ Friendship for more information. And see DJ-Duncan-Geoff Friendship for more information.


Duncan and DJ say farewell to Geoff


The two had almost no interactions (due to not being on opposite teams). Eva said in the confessional in "Izzy in the Big House" that she admired Duncan's startegy to get far in the game. When Bridgette wanted the girls to vote out Duncan in "Book Catalogue o' Fun" Izzy, Courtney and Eva disagreed. Eva said that Duncan should go all the way and votes Tyler. When Duncan gets the final marshmellow, Eva looks pretty happy, but when he said good-bye to Tyler, she frowned. In "Back in a Crash" when Duncan caught up to Eva they greet each other and wish each other luck and when Duncan got hit she felt bad. However, she smiled evily when she thought she was gonna win. Duncan takes DJ's side and Eva takes Izzy's because they both know the other more. In season two they have no interactions due to Eva not being in season two but Duncan is.


The two have few interactions (despite being on the same team). In an episode Duncan makes fun of him, Cody, and Noah. In "I'm walking on Sunshine... i'm gonna let it shine" was the first sign of friendship from these two. Duncan and Ezekiel help build DJ's confidence. When Ezekiel saves Duncan from falling, Duncan congradulates him and says "you aren't half bad homeschool". In "Extreme Laser Tag" Ezekiel and Duncan were next to each other but Duncan said rudely that to watch out because he could be on the edge of going home. Throughout all the episodes to Ezekiel's elimination, whenever the guys are only in the scene, Ezekiel and Duncan always discuss with Owen and DJ what girl to boot off. Before Ezekiel was out he and Duncan fist bumb. In season two they have almost no interactions (due to not being on the same team). In "Back to the Beachyard" Duncan insults Ezekiel and Cody after they play around with each other. In "Disaster Master" Duncan laughs at Ezekiel and Cody when they get hit by golf balls, sending them into a tunnel.


180px-Wat did u do now Geoff

In the beginning of "Down in the Chumps", Trent, Owen, and DJ watch Duncan get mad at Geoff because he accidentally spit on him

The two had almost no interactions (due to being on opposite teams, and Geoff's early elimination). In "Down in the Chumps" Duncan gets mad at Geoff when he spits on him when he trips. Although he may have forgave him when Geoff, DJ, and Duncan pulled a prank on Harold. But Harold used his thumbtack on Geoff and he was out of bounds. When Geoff was eliminated he said good-bye to DJ and Duncan and kissed Bridgette (which made Duncan sick). In a special confessional, Geoff said that Duncan, Owen, DJ, Ezekiel, Bridgette, Izzy, and Lindsay go the farthest. In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" Geoff revealed that Duncan can be really messed up and weird, but said that he's cool. In season two they have no interactions so far. In "Aftermath: I" Geoff makes fun of Duncan (especially in the that's gonna leave a mark segment). See DJ-Duncan-Geoff Friendship for more information.


Duncan is one of the people Gwen can relate to. In "Splish Splash Darter Park" Gwen jumped off the ride after Trent got shot and landed in Duncan's arms. The two greet each other and go in different directions. When Duncan and Gwen won the they agreed to get Chinese food. In "Camp Dock" Gwen told Duncan that he did good staying in the forest. He then said thanks. When Heather accidentally got Duncan out, Gwen said she did that on purpose. When Gwen was out Duncan hugged her and fist-bumbed her. In the Confessional special Gwen said that Duncan might have a good shot at winning. In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" Gwen only said only good things about Duncan. They both high-five when they make it to season two. In season two they are put back on the same team where their friendship develops big time (almost convincing Trent that Gwen likes Duncan). In "Fartagus" Gwen asks Duncan and Owen if voting Noah off was wrong, Duncan says no but Gwen and OWen disagrees. Duncan and Gwen hang out and ditches the challenge in "Back to the Beachyard" to play. Duncan and Gwen agreed on voting Heather off. In "Reverse Act" Gwen was seen upset when Duncan yelled at Lindsay, however, Gwen pats Duncan on the back when Duncan kisses her. In "The Horror Project" Duncan and Gwen talk in a bathroom stall. In the last part of the challenge, Duncan and Gwen hangout again but both get terrified and run. Duncan gasps when Gwen is voted off and demands to keep her in. Gwen then wishes luck to Duncan and Duncan happily sees her go. In "Disaster Master" Courtney states that having Gwen gone is good, but Duncan begs to differ and states that Gwen was awesome. See Gwen-Duncan Relationship for more information.

180px-Gd scare

Duncan and Gwen remember a movie they saw (which freaked DJ out) in "Camp Dock"


The two had very rare interactions (due to being on opposite teams). Harold is probably the person that Duncan argues with the most. They officialy became arch-enemies in "Feed it". In "Welcome to Camp Righteousness" Harold tries to high-five Duncan but he misses and Duncan kicks him the kiwis. The next episode Duncan mocks Harold and Harold does it back. Courtney then throws a mudball in his face which nearly breaks his glasses. In "Down in the Chumps" Harold and Duncan argued until Beth broke the fight up. Then Harold smiled at Beth. In "Izzy in the Big House" Duncan looked surprised at Harold when he got up and told Tyler to run. In "Crash & Dash" Harold stands up for Beth. In the game room Harold gets tired of courtney and hits her. Duncan retaliates by throwing him across the room. The next episode Duncan mocks Harold and again and then Harold, Tyler, Lindsay, and Owen tries to pull him. Then Ezekiel saves him. When Duncan was forced to be in the Gophers elimination, he went furious and several peeople grew grins. When Duncan got the final marshmellow several campers gasped. Duncan was one of the campers Harold high-fived. In the Confessional special, Harold kept on repeatidly saying how Duncan should be out along with people like Trent, and Noah. In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" Harold says that Duncan shouldn't be in and that he's beyond annoying. Duncan mocked Harold when Harold didn't make it to season two. In season two they have no interactions so far but in the "Aftermath I" Harold and Trent mock Duncan in the that's gonna leave a mark segment and hopes that his butt will be kicked out soon. Though Harold said it's too soon for Duncan to get out. See Duncan-Harold Conflict more information.

180px-Wats wrong with him

Harold after Duncan rips his underwear off from his pants in "Down in the Chumps"


The two had limited interactions (due to being on opposite teams). In some episodes it seems like the two are working together without knowing it. In the first episode Heather rejected Duncan several times. In "Camp Dock" Heather makes fun of Duncan's style. 5 Minutes before sunrise and Heather accidentaly gets Duncan out but when she realized it, she looked sad. In "Crash & Dash" when Heather wasn't getting dinner Duncan laughed rudely but nobody except DJ seemed to care. In "Extreme Laser Tag" when Heather's voted off Duncan simpily smiles evily but says that she should've stayed longer. During the first few episodes Duncan actually liked-liked Heather. In the Confessional special, Heather said Duncan has no right to win but does say he is sketchy, manipulative, and sneaky. She said she likes that about him. In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" Heather said that Duncan was a real pain in the neck but then accidentally says he's hot but corrects herself by saying he's ugly but then asks anyone if he's a good competitor. In season two in "The Beast Within" Heather as some others were shocked to have Duncan as a teammate. Heather rooted for Duncan to win the challenge but Duncan told Heather to shut up. In "Fartagus" Duncan smiled when Heather was out. Duncan devised a plan to voted Heather off with Lindsay, DJ, and Gwen. Duncan says farewell but he did congrats Heather when she built the castle in "Back to the Beachyard". In "Aftermath: I" Heather said Duncan is a loser but she said that he is a noble and good competitor. See Everyone-Heather Conflict for more information. See Duncan-Heather Conflict for more information.


Heather rejects Duncan after he hits on her


The two barely said anything to each other (despite being on the same team). In "Izzy in the Big House" Duncan got annoyed at Izzy when she killed the moment with him and Courtney and when she got him a wedgie. Duncan and Heather tie her up and decide how to escape. Although Izzy was annoying, Duncan chose not to vote her off. When Izzy returns in "Crash & Dash" Duncan doesn't mind but questions Chris on why did she return. At the elimination of "Extreme Laser Tag" Izzy said to Duncan that he was good at the challenge, he then said that she wasn't half bad herself. Izzy convinced Duncan (and Ezekiel) to join her alliance. Izzy kissed Duncan twice in "Sour Suckers" because she was excited and she thought it was time for any kiss. In season two they aren't put on the same team, therefore only having little to no interaction at all. In "The Beast Within" Duncan asks Izzy how did she escape from the monster and she said that she went on a date with the monster.


The two have no connections with each other. But Duncan wanted Justin to be voted off in "Izzy in the Big House" when in the previous episode he was being a quitter. In the Confessional special, Justin said Duncan is okay, but he could be better. In "Playa Des Losers: After Dock of Shame" Justin doesn't say anything about Duncan and talks about his modeling agency. In season two they have a little interactions. In "Doctor Impersonator" Duncan and Justin were two of some who identified Noah. When Justin's lips were on fire, Duncan slammed him to the bed and told him to look ugly. Justin then tries to frown but can't. In "Disaster Master" Justin states that once he makes it to the merge, he'll try to create an alliance with Duncan and Cody.


The two had no connections but Duncan along with many people voted Katie off when she quit the challenge, making her team lose in "Fashion Queens Don't Quit". Katie mentioned nothing about Duncan in the Confessional special. She said nothing about him ever. In season two, though they had no interactions or thoughts of each other, Katie grew to dislike Duncan in the short time she's been on the show.


The two have limited interactions. Lewshana thinks Courtney deserves more than Duncan. Lewshana agrees with Harold, Tyler, and Bridgette that he should be out. when Lewshana was voted off Duncan was happy but though it was cute how Ezekiel was getting his love for her. Lewshana in the Confessional special said he should've been out already but she can't do anythign about it. But she then said he's better than Eva and Heather. Duncan in "One's a Crowd" makes fun of Lewshana. In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" Lewshana agrees with most people that Duncan is rotten and should be out already. In season two in "Aftermath: I" Lewshana is one of the many supporters who want Duncan out of the game. See Lewshana-Duncan Conflict for more information.

180px-Leshawna and Duncan in a canoe

Duncan and Lewshana in a canoe talking


The two have very few interactions but most the time see on another as friends. In an episode Lindsay got fustrated when Duncan laughed at her when she fell in a puddle. In "Book Catalogue o' Fun" Lindsay thinks Duncan pushed Tyler but Tyler says that he just fell and Duncan was helping him. Duncan then gave her a nuggie. In an episode Lindsay said Duncan is a bad competitor, while Owen supports him. In the beginning of "Camp Dock" Lindsay asks for directions and Duncan takes her hand and brings her to her cabin. During the merge Bridgette and Lindsay would team up to try to get Duncan out. In "Trusting aTrusting a Snake" Duncan and Lindsay were paried up to throw arrows at an apple. Lindsay hit him but got the apple. Once Duncan was hurt she seemed happy but, then she helped him and hugged him and they went to talk on how to win the next challenge. Also when Lindsay was voted off Duncan said "later pretty thing" she at first thought he was insulting her but she then says good-bye in a flirtatious way to him. In season two they are put on the same team, but still has almost no interactions with each other. In "The Beast Within" Lindsay was on of many to be shocked about Duncan being on her team. In "Reverse Act" Duncan and Lindsay are arguing over the role. Duncan then makes Lindsay cry but they both then kiss, agreeing to think of each other's partners they're kissing. Duncan then walks Lindsay to her trailer. Lindsay on many occasions tried to boot Duncan off the team. Duncan and Lindsay work together to help save Noah from the lava when he's upside down in "Disaster Master". See Duncan-Lindsay Conflict for more information.


The two had almost no interactions. Duncan threatened to pierce Noah's lip once put on the same team. Duncan made fun of him, Cody, and Ezekiel in an episode. In "School of Hard Noah's" Duncan decides to ditch the challenge with Gwen. When Noah is voted off Duncan mocks him and then he leaves after some campers say farewell. In the special Confessional, Noah says Duncan should lose horribly. In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" Noah said that Duncan isn't a trustful competitor, therefore he shouldn't be in the contest. In season two they are still carrying out their conflict to a new degree. In "The Beast Within" Duncan, Noah and Owen team up to win the challenge. Duncan and Noah argue throughout the whole challenge (but does make a good team when needed). Duncan was many who voted Noah off when he said that it was everybody else's fault that they lost. In "Fartagus" Duncan said that having Noah gone was good and bad. Duncan was one of many to notice Noah's return in "Doctor Impersonator". Duncan says that Noah was a bad teammate but better than nothing. Duncan and Noah make a deal and join in an alliance with each other. In "The Horror Project" Noah volunteered Duncan as the serial killer. Duncan scared Lindsay easily but Noah frowned when he and Gwen were talking. Noah was happy but Duncan wasn't when Gwen was voted off. In "Disaster Master" Duncan and Lindsay goes back to help Noah. During the last part of the challenge, Noah uses the bendy straws to save everyone. Once saved, Duncan and Noah clink bottles together. See Duncan-Noah Conflict more information.


These two barely spoke to one another (due to being on opposite teams). When Lindsay said Duncan shouldn't be in the game, Owen supports Duncan. In another episode Duncan puts a sock in Owen's mouth for being annoying. In other episodes Owen cheered for Duncan when he lifted a grizzly bear. When Harold's alliance was going to vote Duncan off, Owen was the only one to hesitate and to ask the alliance if they were sure. Owen gasped when Duncan got the last marshmellow. In "Extreme Laser Tag" Duncan tells Owen that he is greta for this challenge. The previous episode in the Confessional: Duncan says Justin quit before the challenge started but Owen made it to the semi-final round. Owen and Tyler were pleased with Duncan when he decided with them to boot Bridgette off. During all the episodes in the merge until Owen's elimination Duncan and Owen barely knew each other but was on good terms. In "The Amazing race around camp Righteousness" Owen and Duncan are paired up. They have seemed to get along more and plafully tease each other. Also they seem to become more friends throughout the episode. But before Owen left in the confessional. Owen said he likes Duncan but said that Duncan deserved to get out more than him. In season two their friendship heightens when they are put on the same team. Duncan, Owen and Noah hide together and tricks the opposing team into losing in "The Beast Within". In "Fartagus" Duncan asked Owen when was he gonna tell Noah, Owen said he wasn't because he didn't want to ruin his friendship with Noah. Owen loses for the Gaffers and Duncan uses Owen and DJ to vote Heather. But when Owen gets sent home, Duncan says good-bye to him in and endearing way (letting Owen know he cares about him). In "Aftermath: I" Owen says that Duncan is a good friend. See Everyone-Owen Friendship for more information. See Duncan-Owen Friendship for more information.


Sadie remebers at the end of "Feed it" before the elimination Duncan was hanging out with her and Harold for fun. Sadie didn't mention anything about Duncan in the special Confessional. Sadie said Duncan doesn't deserve the money at all. In season two they have no interactions.


Sadie's memory


The two had limited interactions but in "Guitar Losers" Duncan made a joke on Trent which most of the guys laughed at. Then swore to make Trent's day horrible. Heather also made his day horrible when she was eliminating his friends. When Trent and Gwen got Heather out, Heather said something that was surprising to all. Duncan told Trent's team to vote him off. when Trent was eliminated Duncan made fun of him but said something ice to him which they fist-bumb and Trent hugs Gwen and leaves. During the Confessional special, rent agreed with others that Duncan shouldn't win. In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" Trent says that Duncan isn't capable of winning. In season two they have yet to interact because of Duncan being in season two and Trent isn't. In "Aftermath: I" Trent was almost convinced that Gwen liked Duncan. See Trent-Duncan Conflict for more information.


Throughout every episode until "Book Catalogue o' Fun", Tyler hated Duncan. Duncan would sometimes make fun of him, and calling him names. One point Tyler said Duncan was a creep in "I'm Walking on sunshine...i'm gonna let it shine". When Tyler was eliminated Duncan said good-bye to him and he left. In the Confessional special, Tyler said Duncan could be better but he's cool. In "Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame" Tyler said that Duncan could win, however, he said that only if he cheats. In season two they had no interactions. In "Aftermath: I" Tyler compliments Duncan. See Tyler-Cody-Ezekiel-Duncan Friendship for more information.


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