Duncan threatens to pierce Noah's lip when they are put on the same team


This article is about the conflict between Duncan and Noah.

Episodes ForEdit

Welcome to camp Righteousness Edit

When Noah is put on Duncan's team, Duncan frowns stating that he doesn't want a geek on his team. Noah retaliates by glaring at Duncan.

Splish Splash Dater parkEdit

When Noah sees Duncan and Gwen walking together after they won, he throws up.

Camp DockEdit

When Noah is out Duncan laughs. When Duncan is being chased by a bear Noah shows a bit of concern to him but then smiles when Duncan trips. To which Duncan punches him in the arm.

School of Hard Noah'sEdit

Duncan ditches class and when Noah asked where was he, Duncan throws a pie at him. Also Duncan and a bunch others vote Noah off. Duncan sneered when Noah was out. Though Noah ignored it.

Confessional Special Edit

Noah and some others say Duncan isn't a good competitor and he should be voted off quickly.

Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of Shame Edit

Noah states that Duncan isn't a worthy and trusty contestant. Also Noah said Duncan will lose.

The Beast Within Edit

Duncan teams up with Noah in the challenge and they have short mini arguements. At the elimination ceremony, Duncan was one of many to vote Noah off.

Fartagus Edit

Duncan says that Noah being voted off was a good thing, however, he states that Noah should've gotten a chance.

Episodes AgainstEdit

The Beast Within Edit

Duncan and Noah partner up in the challenge and don't seem too mad about it.


Though Duncan said it was a breeze with Noah gone, he states that he kind of misses him.


  • Both like Owen, Cody, Tyler, DJ and Eva and dislike Harold, Heather, and Justin.
  • Both have two friends who support them no matter what; Owen supports Noah and Courtney supports Duncan.
  • Interestingly, while Noah hates Ezekiel, and Gwen, Duncan is friends with Ezekiel and Gwen.
  • At times in the show when they're interacting, they make a good team when needed.

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