Disaster MasterEdit

Every camper is eating breakfast but despises Chef's cooking. Cody then collects bendy straws. Beth talked about Brady her best friend (other than Lindsay) has a modeling agency. Everyone then thinks she's insane. Duncan dumps his food into Cody's. Chris then states that Courtney is returning to the game. Cody then mocks Duncan, but Duncan then pushes him to the floor. Courtney gets put on the Grips and Noah and Duncan devises a plan to get to the finals. During the first part, everyon escape the golf ball of doom. Lindsay and Duncan went with each other, leaving Noah behind. Noah said in the confessional that he must watch Duncan because he isn't the most trustful ally. Courtney starts nagging her team but Izzy starts fighting against her. Bridgette and Cody hold each other but Cody nearly falls behind. Justin and Ezekiel fight as Beth leads her team. Soon the lava comes and Noah is about to fall. Everyine is in shock and Duncan and Lindsay go back to help him. Soon everyone was running away from the lava and the golf balls. Duncan laughs at Cody and Ezekiel's misfortune with Noah and Courtney when they get hit by golf balls into a tunnel. Lindsay then crosses the finish line with her team. They all had a break on a raft. They soon had a race to the end of the stream. Courtney and Izzy wouldn't stop arguing. Beth, Cody, Justin, and Bridgette then helped their team. Ezekiel stops a fake shark controlled by an intern from destroying their raft. They all congratulate him and even Courtney hugs him.

Second HeadingEdit

Season two, episode 11

Date Played November 18
Challenge Make design; protect trunk
Winner(s) Screaming Gaffers
Eliminated Nobody
Episode Guide


"Disaster Master"


"Aftermath: II "

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