Courtney vs Courtney

Courtney nearly injures Cody (on purpose) when he fails to capture Lindsay


This article is about the minor conflict between Cody and Courtney. As they rarely spoke to one another in season one (despite being on the same team). They have somewhat more interaction in season two where their conflict mostly begins or worsens (debatable).

Episodes ForEdit

Welcome to Camp RighteousnessEdit

Courtney was a bit upset when Cody was on her team

The weak, the annoying, and the CodyEdit

Courtney intentionally voted Cody off because he was weak and was useless in challenges. She also wasn't sympathetic when he was voted off.

Playa Des Losers: After the Dock of ShameEdit

Cody said that Courtney didn't deserve to be in the finals. She then yells at him for that comment.

Season twoEdit

Disaster MasterEdit

Though not much interaction between the two, Courtney constantly yelled at her team. She notably punched Cody underwater to survive. However that might be because she wanted to live longer and wasn't trying to make Cody sink.

Heavy Metal DramaEdit

Cody and Courtney argue throughout the episode as they both try to get a bunch of people to vote each other off. Cody then later on gets thrown by Courtney and then he vows to get rid of her next.

Episodes AgainstEdit

Though they rarely show any positive interaction (or interaction at all), there have been some rare times they got along

The weak, the annoying, and the CodyEdit

Courtney seemed one of the most concerned when Sasquatchanakwa fell on him. Later on, Cody wasn't mad when Courtney said she voted him off. He said he didn't blame her. She then smiles and waves good-bye.


  • Both like Bridgette and Duncan and hate Eva, and Justin (possibly)
  • As Cody makes a lot of friends; Courtney doesn't
  • As Courtney is strong and ruthless; Cody isn't

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