Beth-Ezekiel FriendshipEdit

This article is about the major friendship between Ezekiel and Beth. They have gotten along on many occasions and enjoy each other.

Episodes ForEdit

Season 2Edit

The Beast WithinEdit

Ezekiel and Beth are happy to be on the same team.


Both sit next to one another while being eliminated.

Back to the BeachyardEdit

Beth cheers Ezekiel on during the surfing challenge. Ezekiel later on goes along with Beth's plan in the Sand Castle challenge. After their team wins, Ezekiel and Beth share a hug.

Reverse ActEdit

They cooperate by talking as a team.

Wacky Wild WestEdit

Both Ezekiel and Beth high-five when they both catch a "cow." Beth sees if Ezekiel is okay after her and Lindsay falls on him. Ezekiel says yeah in a nice way.

The one with the small HatchetEdit

Ezekiel and Beth decide Lindsay should go.

Doctor ImpersonatorEdit

Ezekiel and Beth both discuss the symptoms with their team. Ezekiel talks to Cody and Justin about Cody's problem with Beth.

The Horror ProjectEdit

Ezekiel tells Cody to say sorry to Beth. Ezekiel then later is happy when Cody sides with him and that him and Beth are cool.

Disaster MasterEdit

Ezekiel and Beth (Bridgette too) discuss how they feel with Courtney being back. Beth later stands up for Ezekiel when Courtney yells at him. Ezekiel and Beth hold hands when they are about to drown.

Heavy Metal DramaEdit

Ezekiel, Beth and others try to find a way how to get Courtney out.


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