Aftermath: IEdit

Geoff welcomes the show and all the contestants who didn't make it to season 2, Eva, Sadie, Lewshana, Harold, Trent, Tyler, and Courtney. He then welcomes the first guest, Noah. Noah comes to the stage and greets Geoff. Geoff first asks Noah how was his only episode on Total Drama Action. Noah then gets mad and says that it was horrible but he wants revenge on Duncan, Lindsay and Gwen. Geoff then said that Noah really didn't want to leave to which Noah refused to admit so he almost got hit by a hammer. In a never before seen clip it was revealed that Noah and Owen cuddled up on the bus while sleeping. Noah then frowned. Harold then said that Noah has problems. Eva then said that Noah should return.

Geoff then asks Noah which people of his team does he like the most. Noah then replied that he liked Owen the most and that he doesn't know DJ but thinks he's okay. Then Noah was done and Geoff moved on to Owen. Owen greeted everybody and asked for some food. Geoff asked Owen if he was mad at his elimination to which Owen says no-though he was disappointed that Heather convinced Gwen and Lindsay to vote him off. Also he sad that Duncan is the only guy left on his team so he has to be careful. In another segment Owen says that he would like to see Bridgette, Duncan, Gwen, Lindsay, Izzy, and Justin go to the final six. Then Heather entered the stage saying that she shouldn't have been voted off. Heather said it was all Gwen's fault for her being ouyt and that she'd enjoy watching her go down.

Trent then says that Heather should shut up because most people likes Gwen and she didn't get very far in season one. Heather then kicks Trent in the groin. Then Geoff showed the that's gonna leave a mark segment to where Owen and Duncan got stepped on by the monster, Noah fell on his head when thrown in the bounce house, Lindsay hit her face on Cody's and they both fell of a build board. Beth and Bridgette slipped and hit their heads on the horses butt to where they get farted on. Then DJ came in and greeted Geoff. DJ said that he was done with the game and was glad to still be friends with Duncan. Geoff then said that DJ and Duncan formed a secret alliance to take the girls out because they were outnumbered. DJ then said that he had no choice or else he would've been 1st or 2nd out. Geoff then thanks DJ and shows a forbidden clip of Duncan and DJ planning to take Lindsay out first. DJ then said that Duncan had the idea and Geoff signs off the show with DJ smiling with Owen, Heather and Noah.

Second HeadingEdit

Season 2, Episode 6

Date Played September 10, 2010
Challenge Contsestants voted off talks about their time on the show
Winner(s) Nobody
Eliminated Nobody

Episode Guide
"Wacky Wild West"

"The one with the small Hatchet"

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